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Love-o-Meter- -Who is your one and only?

Welcome to the Love-o-meter!

The Love-o-meter survey will ask you many questions to determine whether you and the girl/boy you are crushing on right now are perfect matches!!

This site is one of the best ways to find out whether the boy or girl you're crushing on right now may be your "one and only".  All you have to do is fill our our survey, and your results will appear.
This is not a scam. Sites like will send your results to whoever gave you the link.  Sites like only use names to determine your results, which is not very accurate.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please visit  Please feel free to suggest more questions or ask about how the site is operated.  We love to respond. Thank you for your time.

Illustration: Sealed with a kiss

NEW:  You can now email the Love-o-meter crew directly!!!  Send your messages to  Please note that these messages will be read by actual people, so expect a slight delay in your response because our crew is extremely busy!!

Now proceed to the survey...

Your Name
Your Age
Crush #1
Crush #2
Crush #3
How long have you been friends with #1?
Is #1 aware that you like him/her?
Has #1 ever told you that he/she likes you back?
Have you ever hugged, kissed, danced with, etc #1? (please list all)
Do you share any hobbies? eg. writing, soccer, etc. with #1? (please list as many as you can)
Your e-mail address (required for results)

The results of your survey will not be stored or shared anywhere. They will only be viewed by you.